Team of NTPR (Nurturing Talent & Performance to Recreate) after vast research have got together and formed this Training Institute. We with our rich experience in Recruitment’s and Training Industry sort this platform to impart our Knowledge and experience with other Industries and people. We have nurtured pool of talent and formulated various Training Programs/ Courses, out of which few to mention are Soft skill Training’s, Spoken English , Outbound team building Program, Leadership Training program, Customer Service….and more. We also have Technical Training’s like Digital Marketing, PHP Program, MYSQL ,HTML, and more to add an edge in the industry. A team led by management professionals with over 25 years of enriching experience in Domestic & International market gives us the edge and the ability to evaluate, coordinate, design, and deliver a comprehensive range of Competent Based Experiential Training’s.

As Industries are ever evolving and requirements are all time changing, the corporate sector in India is also facing global business challenge. There is not enough Pool of Talent to choose from. We have to get out to be trained professionally to face the ongoing competition from multi-national companies from across the globe & from India’s very own Corporate. With need of Skill development program and creating opportunities for the new generation we need to be the best to survive and not to be left behind.

NTPR (Nurturing Talent & Performance to Recreate) has well know Industry Certified trainer’s providing Technical, Developmental and Organizational behavioral training’s. We have well known Corporate under our umbrella where we train people and help them recognize & explore their hidden potentials to raise their productivity levels, accountability, understanding of corporate culture and belongingness to the organization. We conduct pre-training and post-training analysis based on the organizations working patterns, vision, mission, vertical/s, target market & road-map. All training’s can be tailor made as per the Global Standards and the Management Requirement.