Become a Financial Expert  

Program Objective:-

In today’s world most important segment discussed is Banking and Financial services. It is all related to knowing the Market, Investments, Stocks, Insurance. This program is specially designed for students from the field of MBA’s, Commerce & Accounts. With new Banks opening every year the Industry welcomes new Graduates from any Field, as they have the zeal and Enthusiasm to put Finances better.
The main Objective of this program is to Train Students for Higher Market Segment like Company Secretary, Financial Experts, Banker’s, Finance Manager’s, Sales Executive for Loan, Handling Mortgages & Insurance sector. Discovering the real time challenges with Digitized world and identifying the opportunities within India and Abroad.
In addition, we also groom our students on Soft skills and Interview preparation so that they can market their Skills smartly and enter the Global Competition.The demand of Banking Professional has increased in various sectors…like MNC’s, Public Sector and Semi Govt.

Who is Eligible: – +2 and all Graduate Students pursuing BA, MBA, B.Com, B.Sc and anyone who is wanting to study the subject better.

Here are list of some courses you can register with us…..

Program Description:-

Management for Global Finance & Accounting                                  Duration :2 Months

Finance for Financer’s:

*Financial system
*Financial services
*Financial institution
*Financial vs. Management
* Effective Business Communication
* Customer Service Skills
*Security analysis and portfolio Management
*SEBI, RBI and related to banking and terms related to banking
*Working Capital Planning and Management


Financial Accounting:
* Journal, Ledger, final accounts, trial balance, receipts and payments, depreciation A/c,
*Comparative and common size balance sheet, BRS, Company A/c.
*Valuation of Goodwill and Share
*Corporate Accounting: Issue and redemption of debentures.
* Holding Companies: *Preparation of Consolidated Profit & Loss Accounts and Balance-sheet.
*Cash Statements, Fixed Assets, Capitalization, Depreciation
* Accounting Vs. Finance Skills

International Finance:-
*Foreign Exchange
*Structure for Foreign Exchange
*Fisher Effect
*Understanding International Flow of Funds
*Sources of Finance in International Market.

Accounts for Non Accounter’s       

* Definition, terms of accounting, basic rules.
*Cost Management Accounting; Role of Management Accountant
*Accounting rules, Accounting Conversion, Principles, and Basic Accounting
*Manufacturing, Trading & Profit & Loss account
*Income Statement
* Final Accounts with adjustments.
*Ratio analysis
*Calculating Depreciation
*Cash Flow Statement
*Basics of GST

Management for Financer’s                                                      Duration:2 Months

*People Management
*Branch Management
*Sales Techniques
*Marketing Techniques
*Understanding HR & Administration
*Law’s for Banking
*Building Leadership Qualities
*Team Management
*Being Accountable in Accounts
*Presentation Skills
*Negotiation Skills
*Becoming sales superstar
*Managing Targets
*Strategic Management

Business Management, Ethics & Entrepreneurship                                Duration:2 Months


Business Management:
* Planning & organizing,
* Direction, Coordination & Controlling.

Business Ethics:
* Overview of ethics in business elements.
*Ethical Principles in Business,
* Entrepreneurship.

MSME: (Micro, Small, Medium Enterprises):

* Foundation of Entrepreneurship
* Entrepreneurship for women development
* Financial Schemes
* Decision making skills


*We provide Internship Programs and Industrial Training’s on the above mention Subject’s
*Student’s to carry their own Calculator
* The Above Curriculum can be tailor made as per your requirement
* Implementation of Learning’s in practical Scenario
* Review after each Module
* Case Studies
* Mock Tests for better understanding