Even though you know the vocabulary and have learned endless grammar rules, it can still be difficult to pronounce certain English words correctly this struggle with language can make communicating a bad experience for both you and others. You might have Mother Tongue Influence/Indian Accent. An Accent that is normally expected of most Indians is considered best. You may have a good knowledge of the English language but does not guarantee a good accent.

But what does a good accent mean? It means an accent that is easy to understand across the globe, no matter who the listener is an American, British, Australian or a Canadian or people from any other country or our own country. This Accent is called neutral accent.

Improving your English Accent is an easy and enjoyable way to learn and master the art of handling troublesome vowel sounds, difference in stressed and un-stressed syllables and words, which make you sound like a native speaker.

Our Module helps you to enhance your accent, and develop a neutral accent.

Course Contents :-
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Module 1.

  • Understanding Indianism
  • Accent Reduction
  • Introduction to vowel & Consonant sounds

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Module 2.

  • Relation of sound with words
  • Intonation Pattern & Syllable stress.
  • Plosive Sounds

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Module 3.

  • Pronunciation Practice
  • American Slang
  • Removal of Indianism
  • Neutral Accent


Practice sessions for each module